The Western Horse Show 2021
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Dear friends, attendees, co-workers, visitors and sponsors of the Western Horse Show Wels and the NRHA Euro Derby!

As in Italy there are recent cases of Herpes virus, the NRHA Euro Futurity has been postponed to the date of the NRHA Euro Derby.
Therefore the NRHA Euro Derby 2021 is going to take place at the „Pferd Wels” or – if it has to be cancelled –
at HD Schulz training center in Wiener Neustadt.
Assigned date: June 28th – July 3rd
New call and entry form are already changed and online.

The Western Horse Show with the NRHA Austrian Trophy,
double pointed AQHA Show and CWN-C tournament
will be fixed on the new date of the „Pferd Wels” – details as soon as possible.

Yours, Otto Ziehfreund


    Support the event and win a custom saddle from Deuber & Partner!

    Support the event and win a custom saddle from Deuber & Partner!

    Hello friends of Western riding sports!

    Again we offer you the opportunity to support the Western Horse Show and have the chance to win great prizes! The raffle will take place end of July 2021.

    For € 10, – you can buy a module with which you then participate in the raffle. The main prize is a custom saddle made by Deuber & Partner!


    If you are interested in supporting the event and taking part in the raffle, please contact us at

    Thank you so much!

    The Western Horse Show 2019

    Thanks to the good cooperation of participants, sponsors and the management of the Wels Fair, we have again managed to make the Western Horse Show Wels a highlight in the international western tournament sport.

    This was proven by numerous participants from Poland, Italy, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Germany and Austria.

    I would like to thank you most sincerely for the good cooperation, participation and the smooth running of all participants! Only with this partners it is possible to organize this great event!


    Otto Ziehfreund

    Winning rides Maturity 2019


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